The beauty of social media is that it gives everyone the opportunity to meet new interesting people, learn new things and get inspired. I recently started following a wonderful travel blogger Paige of For The Love Of Wanderlust who had an idea of a e-guestbook on her web-site. What a brilliant way to encourage your visitors and followers to introduce themselves! I felt incredibly inspired to create a similar page.

I’d love to get to know you better!

Sign my guestbook and tell me more about yourself.

Which are your favorite travel destinations?

Which countries do you dream of visiting one day?

What sets your soul on fire when you travel?

Where did you have the most memorable meal?

Or which cuisine do you favor most?

Finally, I’d love to hear from all military spouses out there! I’m new to the family myself and have lots to learn.

Let’s connect and share our worldly experiences! :)

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