#TravelWithNanoB | 2016 Aspirations & Wanderlust Bucket List

What a better way to start the first week of 2016 than determine clear goals and aspirations for the year ahead? While not everything I’ll list below is set in stone or is even remotely realistic, dreaming a little never hurt anybody, right? So here is my 2016 “vision board”… 

First and foremost, I am excited to launch my new blog series on January 18th – 50 Shades of Tokyo Desserts. Along with outstanding savory food scene Tokyo turned out to be a real paradise for those with a sweet tooth. Throughout the next 12 months I plan on visiting 50 of the most luxurious patisseries and confectioneries. Every Monday I’ll start the week on a sweet note by publishing a post which will feature the finest desserts Japan’s metropolis has to offer. To keep abreast of my sugar high adventures of 2016 make sure you follow 50 Shades Of Tokyo Desserts on Facebook, as well as subscribe to my blog. I am really excited about this venture and cannot thank everyone enough for love and support!!! 50 Shades Of Tokyo Desserts_Logo.jpeg
I am currently on a visit to my home country Georgia. Sadly, the main purpose of my trip is not joyous at all as I recently lost my beloved grandfather. However, I look forward to browsing old streets of my home town Tbilisi and meeting up with friends before I leave. I am also excited to savor local flavors and indulge in mind blowing Georgian cuisine which I miss so much. IMG_0028

Since Mr. B and I have recently moved to Japan, we resolved to focus on in-country travel and spend 2016 exploring different parts of this magnificent country. Throughout the year we plan to admire cherry blossom in Tokyo’s gorgeous gardens…


Climb Fuji-san in summer to enjoy spectacular sunrise…73d10cb97c95795909a300d336b44d35Venture out to Kyoto to walk in the footsteps of history along the narrow alleyways, as well as fully embrace Japanese traditions by staying at ryokan (traditional Japanese inn that originated in the Edo period featuring tatami-matted rooms and onsen, a hot spring baths) and indulging in a traditional multi-course Japanese kaiseki dinner…


We also want to visit the iconic Osaka Castle in Osaka as well as have some fun at the Universal Studios to see how Japanese do it ;)  7ea0a2399fe15f6a4884c7733670b451

Visits to Hiroshima as well as southernmost island of Okinawa in pursuit of unique historical and cultural experiences is also on our wanderlust bucket list.

I could probably go on forever as Japan with its rich culture and history is truly unique and inexhaustible. However, with a full time job and limited leave days I think the plans above would suffice for now. I hope that all your dreams and plans come to fruition and 2016 is an amazing year full of enticing adventures for us all!
What are your travel plans for the coming year? Please do share in the comments!


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