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I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge fan of mashed potatoes, so when I heard of Potato Cream, a tiny café in Jiyugaoka serving scrumptious cups of this carbs-y goodness with a “gourmet” twist I had to check it out. cream-potato-jiyugaoka-1-2My food enthusiast friend Mandy and I found the place tucked away in one of the back streets. It is one of those ever elusive “holes in the wall” that is a gem of a find.cream-potato-jiyugaoka-10It had a hip and relaxed vibe and minimalist style, with wood and white walls dominating the space. cream-potato-jiyugaoka-6A very nice server takes your order from a small window outside. After that you can either enjoy your creamy potatoes by the standing bar inside (space permitting), or take your order out (and savor it at numerous secret corners of Jiyugaoka I discovered). Enthusiastic and charismatic “barista” serves your order at the counter. cream-potato-jiyugaoka-9You have an option to choose from 5 different flavors and the occasional seasonal special, as well as coffee and baguette. We were too full from our previous foodie adventurous, so we decided to sample only one specialty of the shop: the turnip and chicken with Gorgonzola cheese and potato cream. jiyugaoka-tokyo-83Potato Cream miraculously manages to elevate the humble mashed potato to a whole new level, making simply irresistible cream creations topped with a handful of veggies and meat. Our choice was silky smooth, creamy and flavorful. cream-potato-jiyugaoka-5Green beans added a nice little texture. And as if potato and cream combination was not hearty enough the outrageous mélange was further complimented by the melted cheese! It was comforting, delectable and homely at the same time.

They even captured our fascination and shared it on their social media.

There are variety of items on the small menu like eggplant and minced-meat with tomato cream; and some seasonal highlights – a light pork-and-mushroom creation and a hearty shrimp stroganoff. I wish we had been hungry enough to savor all other flavors. I will make sure to come back here for more and share the updates. It is a great spot for an afternoon pick-me-up meal and definitely deserves a visit if you find yourself in Jiyugaoka!


Address: 1F, 1-25-2 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo cream-potato-jiyugaoka-3

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