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It comes to no surprise to my regular readers as to how much I love meandering through the backstreets of Tokyo and discovering cute little nooks hidden from the hustle and bustle of the city. Last Sunday was not an exception as I headed out to Omotesando in search of a new off-beat brunch/dessert spot. la-fee-delice-creperie-tokyo-18My feet brought me to the Cat Street (no, it’s not where all Tokyo’s cats hang out :P ) where a bright red exterior of a little café peeking from one of the side alleyways caught my eye. Once I approached it closer and saw the magic word crepes I knew I had to get in.

Cue: Crêperie La Fée Délice, which has been proudly serving crepes to its loyal Tokyoites since 2000! la-fee-delice-creperie-tokyo-17It doesn’t take too long to realize that Tokyoties’ love affair with all things French is strong and longstanding. French influence casts a particularly great shadow on the culinary world of the metropolis with the most hallowed temples of haute cuisine being all skewed heavily French: Quintessence***, Joel Robuchon***, Beige Alain Ducasse**, L’Effervescence** to name a few. In addition, there is a brasserie, bistro or patisserie to satisfy every Gallic-inspired craving that you might have.

Oddly enough I have been earning for some good crepes for weeks now. There are many foods that I fancy but I have always had a particular fondness for crepes. Luckily Japanese seem to share my enthusiasm and there is quite an array of places serving gazillions varieties of crepes. Harajuku’s outrageously sweet gaudy looking ones are probably the best example. However, I am more keen on the classic version and La Fee Delice seems to serve just that.

The place looked fairly busy when I arrived, but luckily a friendly server found a cute little spot for me along the row of snugly placed tables and chairs. la-fee-delice-creperie-tokyo-12I was quite smitten by the charmingly vintage interior filled with many intricate details and knicknacks. The wooden floors peppered with floral tiles, the floral-themed drapes, vintage wooden tables and chairs, a large mirror, and exposed light fixtures all harmoniously matched to create a homely and cozy atmosphere that exudes the vibes of a Parisian bistro, or a French country house, or a little bit of both. Either way my choice made me utterly excited and I eagerly started perusing the menu. la-fee-delice-creperie-tokyo-5la-fee-delice-creperie-tokyo-6la-fee-delice-creperie-tokyo-2la-fee-delice-creperie-tokyo-14la-fee-delice-creperie-tokyo-19la-fee-delice-creperie-tokyo-3Now, I have a little confession to make. Even though I had been initially hunting for something sweet, I couldn’t ignore nor resist the enticing savory portion of their menu. They offer galletes, a buckwheat-flour crepe, with a variety of savory toppings, as well as classic sweet white-flour crepes. Alcoholic drinks such as cider, wine and beer are served, along with the usual tea, coffee and soft drinks. la-fee-delice-creperie-tokyo-4My choice fell on bergamot tea, La Sirene – a salmon gallete with a side of a fresh salad and a seasonal dessert – strawberry crepes. I mean, how could I not?! Since all crepes are made to order it might take a little while till you get your meal, but the wait was very much worth it.

My savory galette was beautifully plated on a gorgeous piece of china. And the taste matched the presentation in every bit. la-fee-delice-creperie-tokyo-9The crepes were cooked to perfection, delicate and lacy and I particularly liked its crispy texture. It was generously covered with slices of slightly smoked salmon which paired so well with capers and the lemon sour cream sauce. The light lettuce and cucumber salad added brightness to the dish and balanced the saltiness of the fish. Every bite was scrumptious and kept me coming for more.

Next, it was time for some sweet treat. Apparently, one of the most popular crepes at the café is a caramel and/or chocolate banana combination as almost everyone around me ordered exactly that. la-fee-delice-creperie-tokyo-8However, my personal taste buds are always in favor of a strawberry. And my choice was indeed quite a stunner, both by its looks and taste. la-fee-delice-creperie-tokyo-13The delicate white wheat crepes where topped with fresh strawberries, vanilla ice-cream, whipped cream, strawberry sauce and mint leaves. A classic combination that hit all the right notes for me – packed with tons of flavor, subtle sweetness and light soft texture. I was on cloud nine! Merci beaucoup pour un dimanche agréable!

Thoughts and Details:

Similar to Paris the options of places to eat in Tokyo are endless, but you choose what hits the spot for you and keep coming back. La Fée Délice certainly fit into that category for me with their lovely atmosphere, great service and delectable crepes which will keep bringing me back in the future. I couldn’t have wished for a more relaxing and satisfying Sunday brunch. Check the place out!

  • Address: 5-11-1 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
  • Nearest Metro: Harajuku or Meiji Jingu Mae Stations



  1. Trop mignon! The Japanese certainly do love everything to do with France, as do I :) I’ll have to check out this place soon. Maybe I’ve told you before, but my fave crepe restaurant is in Kagurazaka called Cafe Creperie. That area is also full of streets perfect for wandering around in, too!

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