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We all have our favorite coffee spots in our favorite cities or hometowns, small cozy spaces we instantly connect with and the ones that make us feel comfy and at home. I found just that in a little back alley of Omotesando called Lattest Omotesando Espresso Bar. lattest-omotesando-espresso-tokyo-1lattest-omotesando-espresso-tokyo-2Its industrial shabby chic design with exposed concrete walls, a large table acting as a statement piece, wood accents, metal chairs and some funky décor elements is hip and trendy at the same time. lattest-omotesando-espresso-tokyo-3lattest-omotesando-espresso-tokyo-14lattest-omotesando-espresso-tokyo-17lattest-omotesando-espresso-tokyo-5lattest-omotesando-espresso-tokyo-11The atmosphere is buzzy, yet relaxing and welcoming. What distinguishes this coffee shop from others (besides really good coffee, of course!) is its charismatic girl baristas who always greet me with a friendly smile and never mind to connect with the customer and chat a little. In fact, this coffee joint opened with an aim to promote female baristas and is a refreshing change in a male-dominated scene. lattest-omotesando-espresso-tokyo-13lattest-omotesando-espresso-tokyo-12The choice of coffee is profound. I recommend trying one of their specialty brews – Lattest – which is made by adding an espresso shot to cold milk and then served in a small shot glass. lattest-omotesando-espresso-tokyo-15lattest-omotesando-espresso-tokyo-6It comes in four different flavors: caramel, hazelnut, vanilla and baileys. I have tried three and all of them are great, although I am partial to caramel flavor. ;) lattest-omotesando-espresso-tokyo-7I usually accompany my cold Lattest shot with a cup of latte (gready, I know!) which always comes with beautiful art. lattest-omotesando-espresso-tokyo-8Most importantly I find the beans to be roasted roasted just right, delightfully aromatic and smooth on the palate. lattest-omotesando-espresso-tokyo-9Lattest is a sister of Streamer Coffee Company, home-ground of Hiroshi Sawada who won world championship in latte art. lattest-omotesando-espresso-tokyo-18lattest-omotesando-espresso-tokyo-19I was pretty upset when my first coffee love in Tokyo – Omotesando Koffee – moved to a different location, but I am now so happy to say that I found an adequate alternative. If you appreciate coffee as much as I do, I encourage you to stop by Lattest during your tour of Harajuku/Omotesando area. I frequent the place at least once a month if not more and always look forward to going back. Try it and let me know how you like it. :) lattest-omotesando-espresso-tokyo-10lattest-omotesando-espresso-tokyo-4Thoughts and Details:
The coffee shop is conveniently located within a few steps away from Maisen Tonkatsu, so maybe have lunch there and then hit Lattest to ward off that yearning for siesta after a hefty meal? That’s what I do every time. ;)

Perks: Free Wi-Fi is available so you can bring your laptop along and get some work done.
Address: 3-5-2, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Tel 03-3478-6276,
Official Website:


  1. Looks like great place to visit, I usually go Tokyo for business trip few times every year, usually i join my favorite Streamer coffee place, I love its latte with great art. I also found them affordable, as that matters for me. Espresso is not so good there but still if you love latte like me, then it’s a great place. It’s famous in Tokyo so sometime hard to get a couch. Will checkout Lattest this time, as I love cold brew sometimes. When you get some time view our coffee place too, where I love to share my experience.

  2. I like all of your posts, but this is the highlight, at least for me, as I spent wonderful couple years in Olympia, WA and those coffee mugs reminded me of those years – my colleague and friends!

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