Wagyu Beef at Yakiniku Kanda

​There are many types of Japanese restaurants to explore and one thing Mr. B and I have been eagerly indulging in is yakiniku style of dining, a.k.a. grilled meat. I can never resist the smell of the sizzling meat, especially when a premium quality wagyu is involved. Plus the whole DIY concept turns the meal into a fun activity. yakiniku-kanda-akihabara-tokyo-2
The choice of yakiniku restaurants in Tokyo is in abundance (especially in Shinjuku area near Golden Gai) and we have our favorite joint close to where we live, but on our Tokyo jaunts we have also discovered a spot in Akihabara, electronics mecca. We visited it for lunch once and liked it so much we decided to bring our visiting friends there for dinner [I didn’t have my DSLR with me, so apologies for the photos which are lacking in quality]. yakiniku-kanda-akihabara-tokyo-6yakiniku-kanda-akihabara-tokyo-1-2yakiniku-kanda-akihabara-tokyo-2-2
The restaurant is located on the third floor of UDX building and seems to be frequented mostly by locals. Wooden paneling, dim lights and low tables give a very traditional vibe. Menu is quite varied, you can choose from different cuts of meat as well as other rare parts of Japanese black beef. In addition, you have a choice of grilled seafood, sides, salads, and soups. During lunch, they also have fixed menu sets which are very reasonably priced. yakiniku-kanda-akihabara-tokyo-1yakiniku-kanda-akihabara-tokyo-11
We ordered special selection of kalbi, higher grade kalbi and special selected rib eye, while our friends opted for skirt and prawns. As a side we chose to munch on seaweed salad, which looked nothing like a seaweed salad I am used to back home, but it was so tasty I couldn’t help coming for seconds. yakiniku-kanda-akihabara-tokyo-7yakiniku-kanda-akihabara-tokyo-8I also have a weakness for all things spicy so every time I see kimchi on the menu I cannot help ordering it. It was perfectly crunchy, flavorful and added a wonderful heat to my bites. yakiniku-kanda-akihabara-tokyo-9
The meats are accompanied by different condiments like wasabi, sweet and sour and soy sauces and a salt. Although I usually don’t like messing with my grilled beef and almost always opt to enjoy it on its own. yakiniku-kanda-akihabara-tokyo-4yakiniku-kanda-akihabara-tokyo-5
Both cuts turned out succulent and delicious. Although between the two we both preferred the special selection of kalbi cut as it was a tad less fatty, so when grilled it would still be juicy yet retain the meat. It is hard to beat the smoky flavor that comes from grilling beef which I think enhances the taste so much. yakiniku-kanda-akihabara-tokyo-10
Sadly prawns were pretty disappointing, flavorless and a bit too fishy which made us doubt their freshness. You can also order a variety of vegetables to grill, I however prefer rice. yakiniku-kanda-akihabara-tokyo-12
I highly recommend you try yakiniku style of dining when you visit Japan, it’s definitely one of the best ways to enjoy wagyu beef and you can certainly not go wrong with Kanda if you happen to tour Akihabara during lunch/dinner time.

Akihabara UDX Restaurant Row, 3F
〒101-0021 Tokyo, Chiyoda, Sotokanda, 4−14−1
5 min walk from Akihabara Train Station

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