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The month of March has been beyond beautiful here in Tokyo. The entire city has exploded with blossoms as sakura trees burst into a dazzling array of pink and white hues everywhere. cherry-blossom-tokyo-29cherry-blossom-tokyo-36IMG_7370IMG_7338Myriads of Tokyoites have been out and about marveling these astounding blooms while also having joyous hanami parties in the parkscherry-blossom-tokyo-53cherry-blossom-tokyo-51Besides venturing out to admire the nature it is also a great time to devour some of the unique and seasonal sakura-flavored treats and buy various themed items available for a limited time. I don’t think I could have found better topic for this week’s edition of 50 Shades of Tokyo Desserts than share some of the most unique cherry blossom-flavored finds I came across in the past few weeks. Sakura are used in a variety of ways such as a flavor, light pink food coloring and garnish. Here are some of my favorites of the season:


  1. Dominique Ansel Cronut sakura-flavored-sweets-and-treats-7sakura-flavored-sweets-and-treats-8
  2. Magnolia Bakery Cupcake magnolia-bakery-tokyo-5
  3. Sadaharu Aoki éclair sakura-flavored-sweets-and-treats-10
  4. Sasayaiori Wagashi sakura-flavored-sweets-and-treats-18sakura-flavored-sweets-and-treats-19sakura-flavored-sweets-and-treats-5
  5. Kitkat [picture borrowed from Google because we ate ours faster than it would take you to say the word “photo.”]tumblr_mjx7kavZ9S1qegcl7o1_1280
  6. Chez Cima Macaron sakura-flavored-sweets-and-treats-17
  7. Various buns I got at ISETAN bakerysakura-flavored-sweets-and-treats-4sakura-flavored-sweets-and-treats-1-3sakura-flavored-sweets-and-treats-1-2


  1. Sakura wine sakura-flavored-sweets-and-treats-151EB77071-B9D5-4BF6-A93E-2BAC8A183D7F
  2. Bacardi sakura-flavored-sweets-and-treats-13
  3. Starbucks latte 

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Sunday morning treat with @starbucks Sakura Latte 🍓

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  1. Sakura Tea sakura-flavored-sweets-and-treats-6
  2. Red Bull sakura-flavored-sweets-and-treats-12
  3. Beer 


  1. Soba sakura-flavored-sweets-and-treats-3
  2. Syrup sakura-flavored-sweets-and-treats-1
  3. Rice Seasoning sakura-flavored-sweets-and-treats-2


  1. Stationary 
  1. Beauty products sakura-flavored-sweets-and-treats-11sakura-flavored-sweets-and-treats-9
  2. Last, but not least, how adorable are these sakura kimono-cled Hello Kitty??? IMG_7678

Everything I tried was very flavorful  and absolutely delicious. I am also in love with my body scrub and hand cream which leave my skin super soft and frangrant! Next year I will make sure to get a facial mask too. My list doesn’t even make a dent in all the variety of themed products and treats that are available during cherry blossom season. Sadly they sell out pretty fast, sometimes even before the festival weekend.

So what do you think? Would you be interested in trying one of the treats above?  Or maybe you have already tried something interesting? 

xoxo, nano


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