Luxurious Brunch With A View at The Ritz Carlton Tokyo

After having a wonderful time at the Park Hyatt Tokyo over their famous brunch, I decided to explore more of Tokyo’s brunch scene. This time my choice fell on The Ritz Carlton and I booked us a table for the weekend after Valentine’s (because we are too lazy to go out during the weekdays). It was a beautiful day with clear sky and lots of sunshine, which only meant one thing – a glorious view from our table on the 45th floor.



It was perfect. We leisurely settled into our armchairs and opted for the Towers Brunch which comes with a glass of sparkling wine, the appetizer buffet, egg cooked three ways, the main course and the dessert buffet. It is as much as it sounds and even though we arrived quite famished we admitted in the end that we quite easily could have done without an egg course.


The appetizer buffet was stunning to look at and offered delectable choices (both healthy and hearty) like seafood, salads, quiche, a variety of soups, charcuterie, cheeses and a selection of freshly baked bread. Everything we tried was delectable, although if I had to pick the favorites I’d have to go with the flavorful and vibrant pesto salad with perfectly al dente pasta, as well as the celeriac fois gras flan which was so indulgently creamy and velvety.









With all this choice of starters I forgot about our egg course. My beautiful egg croquette arrived served in a jar topped with a crisp wafer dabbed with piquant mustard. As I cut through the middle with my spoon, a beautiful yolk oozed over the duck leg confit, chorizo and coco beans. It was hearty and soul-warming and addicted all at the same time.


I did however have a tiny bit of food envy as I looked over J’s poached egg served over tomatoes, Iberico ham and fresh herbs. I mean, look at that yolk!



We hardly had a breather when our main courses landed on the table, both ridiculously good looking. I didn’t know whether to concentrate on J’s beautifully cooked (and plated!) roasted chicken breast served with butternut squash, mushroom, black garlic green sichuan pepper sauce; or my own plateful of grilled Yonezawa pork chuck roll (so succulent and so saturated with richness that its fat instantly coated my tongue) which was generously garnished with vegetables and ah-mazing bell-pepper sauce.





Last but not least, it was time to move on (or dare I say, wobble) to the dessert buffet which looked incredibly enticing. It was hard to pick the favorites, although I decided on the raspberry pistachio cake, raspberry vanilla mousse cake, and chocolate and blueberry mouse cake – the latter being ridiculously indulgent – rich and smooth with a hint of tartness.









We took quite a while sipping on our cup of latte and admiring the view – couldn’t have wished for a more relaxing Sunday afternoon.

xoxo, nano

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  1. Wow it looks amazing, i do love a luxurious brunch and this is just wow! Those deserts are like food art xx


  2. Nano,

    This is such a beautiful post! The buffet had and impressive spread, everything looks delicious! I probably would have ate myself to death on the celeriac fois gras flan alone! Whoops ha!!

    xx- Lephan

    Liked by 1 person

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