Things That Made Me Happy in March

First and foremost, I want to take a moment and say HUGE thank you to all my readers – there are more than 14,000 of you already!!! I feel very proud of how far this little nook on the web has come. Blogging has truly become my second job. It takes tremendous amount of time, patience and dedication to create each post and seeing so many people peruse this website on a daily basis is nothing but rewarding and gratifying. Thank you for staying engaged and being my guests (that’s how I treat each and every one of you!) – you all motivate me to work even harder and make this space even better whilst sharing my worldly adventures.


March has been considerably uneventful. For one, I was crazy busy at work, and for two I have been saving all my energy for April, or to be more precise, the cherry blossom season! Sadly, cold temperatures and rain has significantly delayed the blooming, trees are still 30-70% open. Everyone is watching the trees in anticipation, hopefully next weekend should see the full bloom all over Tokyo.


Meteorological updates aside, I had quite a few great news. I finally mastered the courage to offer cherry blossom family photo sessions. I currently have quite a few customers and cannot wait to take their photos. Needless to say, I am incredibly nervous. I believe that photos are memories people want to cherish for decades to come and I feel humbled and honored by people to put their trust in me. Hope all goes well. I am super stressed about the weather cooperating (again) and am equally excited about this new endeavor of mine. As I develop my portfolio and hone my skills even more, I am considering to offer Tokyo photography services to travelers. I have already photographed a few bloggers who visited the city, which turned out to be loads of fun, so I am certainly willing to take it a step further now.

Last weekend was quite bittersweet. On one hand, I had to said goodbye to my friend and adventure buddy Naomi who moved back to London; and on the other I met two amazing ladies – Celia from Aussie In Tokyo and Hitomi – who share my passion for food, nature, yoga and photography. All four of us spent a wonderful day hunting down the early blooms and I can’t wait to hang out with them again.

Perhaps the most memorable epicurean experiences of the month (my entire time in Japan, actually) were omakase meal at Sushi Ya, the lunch at Yakumo Saryo and the Japanese style afternoon tea at Higashiya Ginza. You can also read my updated guide to Jiyugaoka neighborhood, a.k.a. Tokyo’s Little Europe, published on Savvy Tokyo. It has a promenade lined up with cherry trees and lots of al fresco dining options, in case you are looking for more relaxed, less touristy hanami spot. Added bonus: Little Venice in the heart of Tokyo!

Little Venice_2

I’m afraid that’s all for now, but April promises to be far more exciting month so I’ll do better next time bringing you more interesting updates. For one, stay tuned for my sakura chronicles as I upload photos of different places around Tokyo. As always, don’t forget to check My Stories on Instagram for daily live updates and behind the scenes of my life!

xoxo, nano

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  1. Your photo shoots will be amazing you photography is incredible Nano, and wow I would love to visit Tokyo any time but Blossom season must be incredible. And of course your blog is growing it is just soooo beautiful. Have a lovely weekend, xxx

  2. 14000 readers!!! That’s totally amazing~~~ Congrats on that milestone! Perhaps you can write about how to grow readership next ;) *Your photos are amazing as usual.

  3. One thing is clear: your photos are absolutely amazing! So I am sure your customers will be pleased by your works. You only need to pray for good weather and voilà perfect photos :) Once again congratulation on your 14000th view!

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