Blossomland Archive: Inokashira Park & Jiyugaoka

“Swan lake!” is the first thing that came to my mind the second I arrived to the heart of Inokashira Park. Dozens of cute paddle boats floated around making the scenery even more picturesque. I don’t think there is a better time to visit Inokashira Park than cherry blossom season. With its large pond and high volume of sakura trees, the park turns into a real wonderland for couple of weeks. The park is also home to the famous Ghibli Museum which, by the way, requires advance reservation. There is plenty to explore in Kichijoji neighborhood as well, from quaint alleyways to tons of enticing cafes and restaurants to cute little shops. I also revisited my favorite neighborhood – Jiyugaoka – to enjoy the urban setting devoid of tourists. It looked particularly scenic on a rainy day, the fallen petals covering the ground just like the snow. inokashira-park-16 inokashira-park-6 inokashira-park-10 inokashira-park-7 inokashira-park-11 inokashira-park-19 inokashira-park-14 inokashira-park-8 inokashira-park-9 inokashira-park-12 inokashira-park-4 inokashira-park-15 inokashira-park-3 inokashira-park-2 inokashira-park-1 inokashira-park-20 inokashira-park-13 inokashira-park-21 jiyugaoka-2 jiyugaoka-6 jiyugaoka-4 jiyugaoka-9 jiyugaoka-1 jiyugaoka-5 jiyugaoka-3  jiyugaoka-8 jiyugaoka-7 jiyugaoka-12 jiyugaoka-13 jiyugaoka-25 jiyugaoka-23 jiyugaoka-19 jiyugaoka-18 jiyugaoka-15 jiyugaoka-24 jiyugaoka-21 jiyugaoka-22 jiyugaoka-20 jiyugaoka-14 jiyugaoka-26 jiyugaoka-17 jiyugaoka-16


xoxo, nano

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  1. All these pictures are so beautiful and makes me so happy. Cherry blossom in japan is one of the best thing I have ever experienced.

  2. This is perfect timing. The trees are still full of blossoms, but the ground has the right amount of fallen petals. I’ve riden a swan boat before. It was a lot of fun.

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