Things That Made Me Happy In June

As I sat down to write my monthly round-up I realized I didn’t have much to share. I’ve had busy days at work which left me exhausted and unable to post as frequently as I wanted. I haven’t done a lot of exploring either. But then I realized the goal here is not share big things, but to share happy moments.

A while back I came up with this “thing” which I like to call “a self-therapy”: every time I have one of those dark moments when everything seems to go wrong, or not be good enough, I starting making a mental list of all the good things in my life, things I’m thankful for, and things (big or small, important or ridiculously trivial) that made me happy. And somehow the dark curtain lifts and things don’t look that bad any more.

It is so important to concentrate on the positive! With that in mind, I decided to put a little twist on June’s monthly round-up and list ten things that made me happy this month – small or big – they all matter!

Dazzling Skyline of the Bund on Our Trip To Shanghai


Climbing The Great Wall

Magical Flower Garden in Chiba



Frolicking the Coastline of Kamakura with a Friend



Amazing Coffee at Bear Pond Espresso

Back on Track with Regular Workouts & Healthy Eating (80%) 


News of Engagement of Three of My Dearest Friends

New Lenses

35 mm f1.8 and 85 mm f1.8. I am extremely happy with both, but 85 mm in particular has exceeded all my expectations and outperformed itself. The softness of the bokeh it yields is simply delicious and I couldn’t be happier with my investment. I got 35 mm for a specific reason and I will explain it in my upcoming “What’s In My Camera Bag” post. So stay tuned.


Hearing “Torn” Performed Live Tonight

I know it’s cheeky, but I loved this song as a teenager (I still do) so seeing Natalie Imbruglia up close and personal in her concert tonight was simply put cool.

Blog Crush on The Journey of Christine 

Her design is so clean, the imagery is superb and transports you directly to the destination she is writing about.

THIS French Toast at Mr. & Mrs. Bund


So what made you happy in June?

Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to know!

xoxo, nano

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  1. Love your post! I’ve not long started my blog but I’ve seen a few people doing this sort of thing, so I hope to join in soon! :)

    1. Hello Maesca, thank you so much for reading, and welcome to the blogosphere! You should definitely join the club and share your happy moments of the month. It’s always good to concentrate on the positive! xx

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  3. I love this series. So positive and you always have something fun to share. The featured photo is just wonderful. So happy! Look forward to read what’s in your camera bag :D

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