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Whether you’re into history, art, music, shopping, or just strolling, Tokyo is never shy on places to satisfy your creative needs. One of my favorite spots where you can get it all in a single stroll is Shimokitazawa. With its bohemian vibe and relaxed atmosphere, the area exudes urban modern cool atmosphere, with numerous hipster coffee shops, streets full of secondhand and vintage fashion, hole-in-the-wall eateries, record shops and live music venues. It has the verve like no other and it is definitely worth the detour if you are looking to see something untapped and less touristy in Tokyo. Plus, it’s home to one of my absolute favorite coffee shops in town – Bear Pond Espresso, as well as the cutest bakery in existence – Totoro Cream Puff Factory. I recently put together a guide to Shimokitazawa on Savvy Tokyo to help you plan your visit better. Have a look!











xoxo, nano

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