Luxurious Experiences at Uluwatu Spa by InterContinental Bali Resort

I don’t think I have mentioned this before, but I have a thing for facials and spa treatments. Thus, it will come to no surprise that one of the things I was looking forward to the most during our trip to Bali were blissful spa treatments that the island is known for. Now, there is no shortage of spa salons anywhere you go and prices are more than affordable. But since we had only five days, I didn’t feel adventurous enough to venture out and experiment and decided to put trust in the specialists’ hands at our resort.



As I soon found out, Spa Uluwatu at InterContinental Bali Resort boasts with a wide array of exclusive treatment locations designed to cater to the healing, wellness and beauty needs of their guests. You can enjoy your treatments in-room at the main Spa Uluwatu, under one of the tented beachside pavilions, or opt for the ultimate luxurious experience at Villa Retreats.







The spa draws inspiration from the basic spa philosophy of ‘health by water’. There is an underlying oceanic theme to the menu and treatments make use of natural ingredients such as sea salt, marine algae and seaweed. Indigenous herbs, spices and flower extracts are also used in conjunction with some of the more traditional rituals. We got to indulge in a wide spectrum of services on offer – two massages, a facial and a mani-pedi – and I couldn’t have been happier.





On our first day of arrival, we booked a couple’s massage and were assigned a pavilion overlooking the ocean. It was utter delight to close my eyes and fall asleep yield to the hands of the masseuse while listening to the crashing sound of waves. We opted for the InterContinental Signature Massage which featured a fusion of several massage techniques from around the world with each treatment combining a method unique to the area and complemented with a Balinese touch for a relaxing, yet invigorating massage.


This was followed with a 60-minute Asiatic Lotus Facial in the beauty salon next to Spa Uluwatu. It was a perfect match for my problematic, breakout-prone skin since the ingredients used during each stage –  cleanse, gentle exfoliation, massage, and mask – are Nymphea Alba Waterlily, Green Tea and proline which work together to reduce inflammation and calm the skin, as well as repair and moisturize. Indeed, my breakout cleared up in a day and my skin was smooth and glowing to an extent where I hardly needed a foundation.

I also took advantage of the mani-pedi service at the Beauty Salon. I usually do not use gel nail polish and was a bit disappointed with the choice of colors for a typical nail polishes, but we managed to pick something appropriate and I left quite happy with my nails.


The day before our departure, we were treated to the luxurious spa experience at the Uluwatu Villa Retreat. You are picked up with a golf cart and escorted to a private villa nestled within a tropical walled garden in a corner of the resort, away from the hustle and bustle. There you can be treated to one of the few lengthy exclusive spa treatment packages all geared towards ultimate relaxation and indulgence. Ambiance is absolutely outstanding – imagine having a private pool surrounded with lush garden and water features, as well as a small fully equipped villa. In fact, it is a perfect opportunity to experience villa for a few hours in case you cannot afford staying in one. The only thing missing was an ocean view and sounds of waves, as the villa is a bit off the beachfront.



We were greeted with cold towels and a refreshing ginger tea. We then were asked to choose among three specialty massage oils of relaxing, balancing or energizing and proceeded to the private bathroom (fully equipped with bath accessories and luxury amenities by Harnn). Our Balinese couple’s massage started with a 10-minute foot bath and scrub to ease us into the 60-minute Balinese massage and reflexology that followed.







Other treatments can also include a head, scalp and neck massage, along with body scrubs and hydrating aromatherapy baths.

We emerged from our rooms fully invigorated, both physically and spiritually. We chose to linger a bit longer to sip on the specialty tea and munch on some treats while also enjoying the view of our private garden. The entire experience felt exclusive and I felt like there was only the two of us on this island. At that moment, I truly thought it was our second honeymoon.

Do you like to indulge in spa treatments whenever you can? Which ones are your favorite?


Disclaimer: we received a complimentary upgrade to Club Duplex Suite which included Club benefits, along with one complimentary spa treatment at Villa Retreat. All opinions are forever my own. 

xoxo, nano

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  1. The couples massage sounds so relaxing Nano! I used to feel like I was wasting money if I fell asleep during a massage but then I realised, if I can feel that relaxed that quickly, then it’s actually money very well spent!😂 Facials in lush tropical places like this are my absolute favourite. I almost never bother with them at home since I love saving up my facial “allowance” so to speak in dreamy places like this!

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