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A stroll through the atmospheric Yanaka is never short of surprises and most certainly not devoid of culinary discoveries. I recently stumbled upon Tayori and fell in love with the vibe of this trendy and sophisticated café. Opened in 2017, Tayori is tucked on a narrow alley along the famous Yanaka Ginza shopping street. The old house has been almost completely remodeled, although there are plenty of interior design elements as a nod to traditional Japanese aesthetic. There is a tatami room in the back, and all guests have a view of the tiny Japanese backyard. I particularly liked the eclectic collection of the light fixtures. Couple that with the polished wooden paneling drenched in natural light that sips through the floor-to-ceiling windows and it’s a place where I can while away my entire afternoon at. The menu at Tayori is quite varied. You get all the delicious staples of teishoku meal (sets with chicken, meat or fish), plus a few western options and great tea, coffee and dessert. My karage chicken was so good, I had to order another plateful of it. The shop’s mascot, a bicycle messenger who appears everywhere from signs to cookie tins, represents Tayori’s efforts to create new connections through a farm-to-table approach. All the ingredients are sourced from farms in Saga and Shodoshima prefectures. A cute quirk: they have an in-house mailing system that allows you to share your appreciation with faraway farmers. They also sell delicatessen and nicely wrapped condiments and teas to go if you’re looking for omiyage (edible souvenirs). It most certainly is a great place to lend before or after exploring the historic Yanesen area.



















Hope you’ll get to visit and enjoy the meal!

xoxo, nano

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  1. Hi, Ms. Nano, Thank you for posting nice article and photos. I like “Yanesen” area very much. If you are interested in authentic Japanese wooden cafe, I can recommend you to Shoan-bunko near Kichijoji. This is one of the best cafes in Japan!!! If you haven’t visited, it’s a must-go place. You will be welcome with a big and beautiful azalea “Tsutsuji” in the backyard. Here’s website. Cheers! Shunta Takino

    1. Takino-san, thank you so much for the recommendation. I plan to visit Kichijoji soon so will most definitely have a meal at Shoan-bunko. I trust your judgement. Also, I’m so glad you reached out to me because ever since I moved to Japan I kept remembering how we met in Prague. Back then I would not imagine that I would live here. Where do you live currently? Still traveling the world? Best, Nano.

      1. Hi, Nano! Great to still remember me. Yeah, I also remember that I met you in Prague, and I got surprised that you live here in Japan ! I got married and have a two-year old son now, so I am traveling with my family inside Japan, but I would plan to travel abroad some years later, of course, since my most favorite thing is a travel. The cafe is located within 10-min-walk from JR “Nishi-Ogikubo” just next to Kichijoji. Currently, I live just 20-25 mins bike ride from that cafe. As you might already know, Kichijoji is a nice place, but more like a touristic destination and too much developed though. The town used to be rather quiet and more residential. However, Nishi-Ogikubo is not well developed, so the town is much quiet and nice cafe, restaurant, win-bar and so many nice shops are dotted in the small area. So it worth strolling around with your camera and take good shots along the street. Enjoy!!! Shunta

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