White Oak Lavender Farm & The Purple WOLF Vineyard. Best Fragrant Lavender Farms in Virginia and Maryland.

Escape To: Fragrant Lavender Farms in Virginia & Maryland

I will cut to the chase and tell you that if you have not yet decided where to spend your summer vacation, Virginia is a place to be. Truly. Ever since I started actively exploring Virginia this year, I have not ceased to be stunned by the beautiful landscapes of my home state. From picturesque wineries and breweries, to stunning farmlands and national parks, there is so much to explore once you hit those country roads. Same goes to Maryland and D.C. Metro area!

Since we are officially in the heat of summer, some of the most exciting spots to visit at the moment are countless lavender farms. Yes, you read that right, you do not have to travel to the south of France to see the dreamy fragrant fields of purple. Virginia and Maryland might satisfy your wanderlust just as well.

I visited White Oak Lavender Farm & The Purple Wolf Vineyard last weekend, and honestly, I’m still wrapping my head around how beautiful it was. Located in the Shenandoah Valley, White Oak is a family owned farm that has been open to public since 2008. Aside from a jaw-dropping grounds that feature over 8,000 lavender plants, they grow about 3,000 grape vines in different varieties. The farm currently offers a wine tasting experience, tours, lectures, classes, a petting area and a lovely lavender gift shop. They have ponies, sheep and rabbits, which would be so much for families with kids! There is a small entrance fee and you do not have to purchase the tickets in advance. There is also a u-pick service available, and you can purchase potted lavender for your gardens.

The moment you set foot on the farm you think you entered a painting: tidy rows of blue swaying in the wind, changing from metallic mauve to a deep violet as cloud-shadows pass across it. The gentle verdant hills in the back complete the scene that quite truly you will not want to leave. And I wish these photos also carried through the heavenly scent of lavender that filled the farm or the hum of bees and bumblebees that couldn’t get enough of the sweet nectar.

I did a little research to locate more lavender farms around Virginia and Maryland. Below is the list to help you plan your upcoming weekends to enjoy these purple beauties. Make sure to click on the links to doublecheck admission requirements, operation hours/days, as well as get the directions to each farm. Most of these farms have shops, are family-owned and run, have markets to shop for lavender products, some even have wine, and many offer event space as wedding venues in Virginia and Maryland.

Don’t miss these amazing lavender farms in Virginia and Maryland when you need your summer fix of frolicking the blooming fields, taking Instagrammable photos, or picking your own lavender flowers near Washington DC. Hope this post will inspire you to hit the road and explore some of these fragrant spots this weekend. No matter which one you pick, I’m sure you will not be disappointed.

Stay inspired, my beautiful friends!

xoxo, nano

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