50 Shades Of Tokyo Desserts

50 Shades Of Tokyo Desserts_Logo.jpegI am super excited to launch my new blog series – 50 Shades of Tokyo Desserts. The challenge is simple: 50 desserts over 12 months and 1 food & travel blogger in pursuit of her next best dessert around Tokyo. When it comes to cross-cultural experiences, one of the best ways to fully immerse into foreign cultures and customs is to discover varied and vibrant flavors of our travel destinations. When discussing outstanding Japanese cuisine the world has heard way too much about the freshest sushi, scrumptious wagyu steak and soul warming bowl of tonkatsu ramen.  However, as I continue to explore local food scene I want to feature the sweeter side of Tokyo, something that I find to be unfairly underrepresented. I believe that desserts are one of the best ways to bring cultures together. Who doesn’t enjoy sampling sweet treats from around the world? With an itinerary that includes the crème de la crème of luxurious patisseries and refined historic confectioneries I plan to taste and tell you the story of Tokyo’s most sublime and iconic desserts. So, make sure to follow my blog and follow 50 Shades of Tokyo Desserts on Facebook to stay abreast of my enticing and sugar high adventures of 2016!

Disclaimer: none of the posts are sponsored and each of them is based entirely on my personal opinion.

Post marked with asterix (*) are my favorites and top recommendations.


Launch Date: Monday, January 18th, 2016

  1. Shade 01: Delectable French-Japanese Fusion at Pâtisseri Sadaharu Aoki *
  2. Shade 02: Back to Childhood at *Totoro* Cream Puff Factory *
  3. Shade 03: On Love & Chocolate at Salon du Chocolat Tokyo 
  4. Shade 04: Tokyo’s Secret Nook for Exquisite Matcha & Wagashi *
  5. Shade 05: Sugar-filled Excitement at Dominique Ansel Bakery *
  6. Shade 06: Wagashi, Art of Five Senses
  7. Shade 07: Sweet Walk Along Nakamise-dori in Asakusa
  8. Shade 08: Enchanting Aoyama Flower Market Tea House *
  9. Shade 09: Crêperie La Fée Délice
  10. Shade 10: Sublime Luxury in Hidemi Sugino *
  11. Shade 11: Cupcake Wonderland in Magnolia Bakery
  12. Shade 12: Sakura-flavored Sweets & Treats 
  13. Shade 13: La Boutique de Joel Robuchon *
  14. Shade 14: Indulgent Ice Fluffs At Kakigori Yelo *
  15. Shade 15: Buttered Up at Echire Maison du Beurre *
  16. Shade 16: Bunny Craze at Nicholas Charles House *
  17. Shade 17: Enticing BAKE Cheese Tarts *
  18. Shade 18: Chocolate Marshmallow Pizza At Max Brenner Chocolate Bar
  19. Shade 19: Cute and Healthy Donuts at Floresta Nature Donuts
  20. Shade 20: Patisserie VIRON
  21. Shade 21: Toshi Yoroizuka*
  22. Shade 22: Imperfectly Perfect Desserts by Janice Wong*
  23. Shade 23: Kawaii Ice-cream at Glaciel Omotesando*
  24. Shade 24: Luxurious Golden Fan Afternoon Tea at Mandarin Oriental Tokyo