Indulgent Ice Fluffs at Kakikori Yelo


With warmer weather, lots of sunshine, hot pink blooms and chirping birds it is impossible not to crave some ice-cream. Did you know Japanese have their own version of this refreshing summer treat? Let me introduce to you an amazing find of mine: kakigori. Essentially, kakigori is a shaved ice which comes in different flavors and is shaped just like a big ball of snow we used to throw at each other in winter when we were kids. kakigori-yelo-1On one of the nightly tours of Roppongi, Mr. B and I came across Kakigori Yelo, a nice little bar serving just that – fluffy and dreamy kakigori. The place itself is pretty unpretentious, decorated in wood with red accents. You have a choice to sit at the counter or small tables by the window. kakigori-yelo-7The colorful menu at Yelo looks more like a palette. A wide choice of unique flavors are bound to whet anyone’s appetite, anything from traditional green tea kakigori to avocado mascarpone. kakigori-yelo-2Only pure mountain-sourced water kept at the optimal temperature is used to achieve perfect shaving and fluffy consistency. Each dish of kakigori is hand-built and served with great care. As you dig in, you find the ice-web of goodness that somehow doesn’t melt, except in one’s mouth. kakigori-yelo-6I went for Tiramisu flavor which came with a shot of milk on the side, while Mr. B’s choice fell on strawberry. kakigori-yelo-4It’s almost like eating a cloud (not that I have ever eaten a cloud, but if I did I would expect it to taste like this), with light texture and refreshing taste. kakigori-yelo-5The best part was that it’s not too sweet, with a perfect harmony of syrup, milk and ice. It was tasty and so much fun to eat! You have further options to spruce up your kakigori with granola, Oreo cookies, tapioca, almonds, adzuki jelly or hot corn. Oh, and at night, the innocent treats can turn into guilty pleasures with a shot of alcohol added to it per your request.

I heard the place can get pretty busy, especially on hot summer days. Why doesn’t it surprise me?!


Address: Patio Roppongi Building, 5-2-11 Roppongi, Minato-ku
Hours: Mon.-Sat. 11am-morning; Sun. 11am-11pm

xoxo, nano

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