Yaezakura Cherry Blossom in Tokyo

Did you know that there are hundreds of kinds of sakura trees? And they all bloom during different times throughout Spring. As I found out hanami forecasts usually take into account only the iconic 5-petalled Somei Yoshino blooms even though the early (such as the dark pink kawazu sakura) or late-blooming cherry trees are also beautiful and worth seeing. yaezakura-cherry-blossom-34While Somei Yoshino season has sadly come to an end, the cherry blossom season is still in full swing. This weekend saw the second wave of blooming trees. Cityscape exploded in shades of hot pink and was covered in blooms of my absolute favorite yaezakura. yaezakura-cherry-blossom-37yaezakura-cherry-blossom-1We ventured out to Shinjuku Gyoen Garden as well as Imperial Palace East Gardens to admire these multilayered dainty and fragrant fluffs. Naturally, I cannot help but share the images my father-in-law and I captured. Who can blame me for wanting to fill up my blog with these gorgeous blooms?! yaezakura-cherry-blossom-47yaezakura-cherry-blossom-52yaezakura-cherry-blossom-44yaezakura-cherry-blossom-39yaezakura-cherry-blossom-26yaezakura-cherry-blossom-9yaezakura-cherry-blossom-13yaezakura-cherry-blossom-17yaezakura-cherry-blossom-10yaezakura-cherry-blossom-3yaezakura-cherry-blossom-30yaezakura-cherry-blossom-29yaezakura-cherry-blossom-18yaezakura-cherry-blossom-23yaezakura-cherry-blossom-5yaezakura-cherry-blossom-4yaezakura-cherry-blossom-50yaezakura-cherry-blossom-2yaezakura-cherry-blossom-25yaezakura-cherry-blossom-42
Hope you enjoyed this little gallery of mine. Have you ever traveled to Japan during cherry blossom season? If not, have I inspired you? Leave me a comment and let me know. :)

xoxo, nano

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  1. Your blossom photos had been inspiring me for weeks but I didn’t think I’d make it in time so it has been a dream come true to be able to see these places in person as well! Feel free to keep filling your blog with these – we all love them!! 😊

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