Holiday Letter to My Readers

Dear Reader,

It’s no secret that I love sharing my worldly adventures and experiences via my writing and images. Although, this blog would not be the same without you, my lovely reader. I could never imagine that my little nook on the web would thrive so much, and so many people would be interested in my travel and food stories. Compared to January 2016, Travel With Nano B. has significantly increased its readership (9 times to be exact!). Whether you stop by for a quick look, or decide to subscribe and read my posts on a regular basis, I couldn’t thank you enough. I promise to continue sharing my stories, and work hard to make them even more engaging and visually attractive. One of my biggest New Year’s resolutions is to hone my photography and post-processing skills. I also plan to branch out a bit and include monthly lifestyle posts to add a more personal touch to the blog and give you regular updates. christmas-in-tokyo-4I am beyond happy that I got to live, explore and call home one of the most amazing countries in the world. I will be putting together a post about 2016 travel highlights soon. Needless to say, I will continue writing about my travels in Japan, I still have so much left to explore! We also have a few international travel plans in the making for 2017, although, nothing is set in stone just yet, so I will keep those details to myself for now. Either way, stay tuned for the future posts and thank you for taking time to read, like and comment. I wish I could properly express how much it means to me. I am also forever grateful for having connected with so many wonderful bloggers around the world, and discovered many inspiring destinations via others’ travel stories. Blogosphere is like one big family, and I am so happy to be part of it!

I want to wish you a prosperous and peaceful 2017. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season and your life is always filled with love and happiness.

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

Cheers, Nano

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  1. Nano! Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year (almost) to you! I’m so sad I missed you while I was in Japan – I thought about messaging you but I was so busy with family I barely got to see any of my friends! Anyway, I loved your post and as always, can’t wait to visit your blog and read updates in 2017 :) xo

    1. I totally understand, Kana! Every time I visit Georgi I’m always struggling with spending quality time with family and meeting up with friends in the short time that I have. I’m sure we’ll get a chance to meet somewhere in the world! :)

  2. What a lovely post Nano and such a sweet letter to all of us who love reading your blog! It’s so exciting to hear you are thinking of branching out into other areas too – I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for those and am super intrigued about the big reveal for next year’s travel plans when they do get set in stone – here’s hoping it’ll feature London :-)

    1. Shikha, you’re sweet as ever, and I couldn’t thank you enough for always encouraging and motivating me. Sadly, we won’t be traveling to UK as we decided to explore this region since we are here. We trying to decide which Asian countries to set as a priority though. Will let you know soon. :) I do hope to meet you in person soon though, somewhere in the world, it’s just meant to happen!

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