I finally made it to the cat café! I love pets and I used to have two cats of my own [I miss them so dearly :( ]so I have been eager to check out this themed café for a very long time now. There are many options around the city if you want to take a short break in-between the sightseeing and play with your furry friends, although I found MoCHA Café in Harajuku to be conveniently located as this neighborhood is the primary sightseeing destination for anyone visiting Tokyo. mocha-cat-cafe-13
The café is housed on the 4th floor of the building overlooking the bustling Harajuku Metro area. mocha-cat-cafe-10As you exit the elevator courteous young Japanese girls greet you and instruct you to sanitize your hands, and take off your shoes which you store in a designated locker together with your other belongings. Price is determined by how long you choose to stay. For 15 minutes we ended up paying about $5 per person, including coffee and free wifi. mocha-cat-cafe-3
Even though it’s formally called a café, there is not a lot of food involved. You pour yourself a soft drink of your choice from the vending machines, and go into the playroom. The space is filled with climbing trees, and various obstacles that would keep the playful felines entertained. There were about twenty different breeds, all very friendly…. mocha-cat-cafe-8
….. and some who just didn’t care about anything or anyone, because that afternoon nap time is sacred. mocha-cat-cafe-5mocha-cat-cafe-6mocha-cat-cafe-12
If you buy treats to feed them (this option available for extra 500 yen), you will be guaranteed to attract a lot of interest from these furry faces, at least from the greedy ones with bottomless stomachs. mocha-cat-cafe-9mocha-cat-cafe-4

I am telling you, this was a wonderful break after our tour of Meiji Shrine and before a lengthy stroll along Omotesando neighborhood. And in case you don’t particularly fancy cats, don’t worry, the choice is broad: anything from owl café to hedgehog café, you are bound to find the spot that caters to your favorite animal.


Address: Docomo Shop Harajuku Shop | 〒150-0001 Tōkyō-to, Shibuya-ku, Jingūmae, 1 Chome−14-25 クロスアベニュー原宿2F・3F
Hours:10:00 A.M. – 08:00 P.M.

xoxo, nano

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Written by Nano @ Travels With Nano

Hi and welcome to my site! I'm Nano - aspiring writer and photographer spilling my love for travel and food. Travels With Nano is filled with everything I am passionate about: uncovering the world one sight, bite and cultural experience at a time. I'm here to share savvy travel tips and inspire (not influence!) your future travel adventures. Needless to say, I am thrilled to have you here reading!


  1. We have one of these in London too that opened up in the last couple of years but my hubby is not a pet person at all so I’ll have to grab one of my cat loving female friends to try this out as this looks like too much cuteness!!

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